Step 3: Your dress is handmade from start to finish.

from sketch to dress in three simple steps

Meet the designer! (Value:$500+)

At your designer bridal consultation, you and Jocelyn (the designer) will meetup to discuss your vision for your custom, couture bridal gown. *The consultation fee is $100.  To reserve step 2, simply pre-order. 

Step 1: Your one-on-one with the bridal designer .

Pick + Choose:

Designer + You:



JCNY invites you to fill out a bridal questionnaire.  After you fill out this bridal questionnaire, we will contact you to go over details and availability to schedule your designer bridal consultation. If you have any questions, please email

The Haute Experience


Toile + Fittings:


Let's design your dress!
At your wedding gown proposal, you'll get to hand pick your  silhouette, fabric and finishes to reflect your individuality, style and frame. Keep in mind, with couture design the possibilities are infinite.

You've said Yes, to the dress!

Now that your couture bridal gown has been selected, finalized and pre-ordered. A prototype is handmade for your first fittings then to your authentic gown for your last fitting. Five meetings are required to render the sketch into your dream dress.


Step 2: Designing your custom, couture bridal gown.