​​​​Where is your company based? 

Jocelyn Coles™ is in the quaint town of Chatham, VA. We're south of Lynchburg, VA, and north of Greensboro, NC. Book now!

I've found my dream wedding dress! Can you make an exact copy for a cheaper price? No. If you've found your dream dress, congratulations, you should buy it! We're in the business to create original designs. We don't copy other designers; it's unethical.

What is couture? I just thought I could just walk in and buy off-the-rack. Couture is made to measure clothing for an individual. It involves hundreds of hours of design development using 100% silk and time-consuming haute couture techniques directed by a highly skilled fashion designer. 

How long will it take to create my couture bridal gown? We require a 6 to 9 month lead time for custom, couture bridal gowns.

Do I need an appointment? Yes. Jocelyn Coles New York is a fashion house offering a different bridal shop experience. We actually design and create our wedding gowns in-house. Brides meet with the designer to design their custom, couture wedding dresses.

Do you offer wedding dress alterations? Yes! We offer bridal gown alterations when time permits. Book now!

What sizes do you create? Our custom, couture bridal gowns size range is 0 to 12. Redesign dresses are available in all sizes.

I'm afraid I can't afford your gowns. Do you offer options for brides on a budget? Yes! Redesign can be a solution for brides on a budget or with a limited time frame. Book now!

Can you email me photos? No. Because of copyright, we don't email photos. But you're welcome to view our bridal gowns in person.

Do you do rush orders? No. Real couture bridal is a time-consuming process. If you have limited time, we recommend Redesign.


Jocelyn Coles deliberately creates bridal collections of equilibrium that define classic, grace; with a modern edge. She is passionate about the simplicity of a classic silhouette but uses juxtaposition seamlessly with unexpected European textured textiles, such as alençon and re-embroidered French laces. She also uses haute couture techniques which includes time-consuming exquisite hand beading, delicate lace appliqués, and embroidered details to make the wedding gowns more intricate with a modern approach. She utilizes the art of manipulating fabric to achieve a more elaborate aesthetic.




  • ​American Made
  • 100% Silk
  • Sweatshop Free
  • ​No Middleman



Jocelyn Coles™ couture bridal gowns are proudly American made with 100% imported silk. We eliminate costly alterations with an individualized custom fit. We require a 6 to 9 month lead time for creation. Our wedding dress designer books a limited amount of custom bridal gown commissions per year. We advise brides to book now to reserve your wedding date. 



Our couture bridal gowns are handmade quality, unlike amateur, factory or sweatshop dresses. Pricing is based on design, textiles, and labor. All estimates are given during your Designer Bridal Consultation.


A 60% down payment is due at the point of sale. The balance due is due upon receipt.


Because (real) couture is one-of-a-kind, returns and exchanges are not available. All sales are final.